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Eagle Gets Double-crested Cormorant

Eagle N Double-crested Cormorant
I set out early this morning (3.8.2019) to capture a Double-crested Cormorant for a blog post I am working on. The Cormorant had caught a rather large Rockfish. All the images of the Cormorant attempting to eat the Rockfish were at 650mm and way out in the Guemes Channel. I wanted a good close up picture that was not from a mile away.  

I was going to photograph this Double-crested Cormorant if it came in closer to shore, but it got snatched up. This Eagle that was flying around overhead and decided it was time to share a meal with its mate. It had located the Cormorant and was hovering above it at about twenty-five feet. With a fast descent, it grabbed it and was off with the catch. 

The Eagle was having a hard time gaining any elevation with the Cormorant in its talons. It took a low-level turn and headed back to the shoreline.  

From where it was captured, in the Guemes Channel near Cooks Cove, the Eagle skipped the Cormorant across the water all th…

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